What To Expect

GIVENT Professional Network is a group of business decision makers that build trusted relationships with one another; and find ways to serve each other to accelerate business by providing solutions and connections to one’s core business needs.

These events happen monthly where members are seated at a round table with 4-5 other members and guest(s). Participants are able to deeply connect as they share with one another about their personal life, business, and their core needs they have right then. All participants are given equal time, which is displayed on various screens around the room. Participants also have a chance to chime in and share feedback, ideas, connections, resources, etc. to the individual seeking to solve their needs.

NOTE: If there is an interest, we will send you additional details regarding location, and what to bring, etc. We will need a confirmation / RSVP for everyone that plans to join us at one of our networking events. If there is an interest, but you can’t attend, let us know and we’ll keep you updated on the following month’s event.