Givent Network Game Changer, Wayne Dyer quote "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."


The first time I attended a Givent Executive Network meeting was in the middle of  the “2017 Snowmageddon” of Boise, Idaho.  The same snowmageddon where children were home for two weeks due to Christmas break, and another two weeks for the storm of the century. Needless to say, I was in less than an optimal mood.  I was worried about arriving late due to poor road conditions and thought this would be like any other networking group I have attended, one where nothing happens after business cards are exchanged and pleasantries are made. I thought to myself, I don’t have time for this, I have two full-time jobs, and my own yoga studio to run, how am I going to fit one more obligation into my life?

Within the first 15 minutes of the meeting, I knew this was something dramatically different. I didn’t need a sales pitch to know I wanted to join. This was a group of givers, who were bent on making sure others were served before having their own needs met, people who understood the importance of servant leadership, it was a sharp contrast to any networking group I had attended prior. It was far from a waste of time, in fact it was a game-changer. My attitude had changed from a position of scarcity to one of abundance, and I managed to add one more thing to my life – because this one thing, a mentality of giving, is something I had looked for in others my entire professional career.

If you are a “giver” you prefer to be on the contributing end of an interaction. You love to consider all the people and businesses you’ve helped reach specified goals, because that is the essence of life for you. At a certain age, “Givers” begin to realize you cannot surround yourself with “takers” because without balance in this professional Tango, you end up with an empty bucket. Givent is about much more than networking among “givers”, it’s about camaraderie, experiences, advice, and the sharing of these experiences in the world of business.

Come to Givent, find other like-minded professionals who care more about giving than receiving. Click here to attend as our guest, we’d love to meet you!


Julie Hart, VP of Relationships, Givent Executive Network

P.S. If you are interested in learning more on the psychology/research on the difference between your companies bottom-line and your personal constitution on GIVERS vs TAKERS, you might be surprised.  Read this article by Wharton Management Professor, and author of “Give and Take”, Adam Grant.