You are invited to Join us for Operation Christmas Magic!

Shhh…it’s all a SECRET!

  • Ready to get the warm fuzzies back into your Christmas?
  • Want a family experience that REALLY let’s you help someone in need of a GRAND SURPRISE?
  • Your family/community/friends will NEVER have a BETTER Christmas!
  • ALL donations go to the families, 100% ! NO ONE is paid!!
  • PLUS: With all the hard stuff in the world this year, this one thing you can do will change sadness to joy!

HOW THIS WORKS:  2018  Operation Christmas Magic Video    …grab a tissue!

WHY WE DID IT:  The generous act that inspired us to CREATE Operation Christmas Magic!

“You need to know how uncharacteristic it was for us to agree to come & even more unlikely for us to show up!...Honesty I am still amazed at how it all came about. My heart was filled to bursting on that day, as I thought, ‘who even does this for others’?”
- Jenny
“My kids were caught off guard and didn't know what to say. Everything that they asked for- Sissy asked for adult coloring books- Bubba music- Kiki a turtle (I cant believe they found a stuffed turtle) and Bryce BSU hat and football- even mom and dad were given gifts. There were a lot of moms crying. I can tell you that.. I will never forget the experience that my family had and I wanted to thank you for making it happen.”
- Tammy
“We are the Macfarlane family, my kids were delighted to be there, it was a very memorable day. Something we cherish a bit more now of days. I had to leave early, I'm the father. I have late stage 4 cancer in my lungs and it's been really flaring up lately.
The gifts we're amazing, my girls we're in LOVE with that day.
Thanx for bringing some peace at a truly time of need.”
-Dad Macfarlane (he passed 5 months after OCM)

How Santa’s Bank Works:

  • Your donation goes directly to Santa’s Bank
  • All donations will be brought to Operation Christmas Magic in cash
  • Wishers make their wish
  • Elves write down the wish
  • As the Guest’s movie begins
  • The Elves hit the town to make their dreams come true
  • We are NOT a 501-C3
  • NO ONE is paid for their time
  • Sleigh Sponsors – have logos blasted all over
  • Our goal: $10,000, 60 GUESTS (from families in need), 150 Shopping ELVES (volunteers)!