4) GRIT is the key to Success

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4) GRIT is the key to Success

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Givent is the place where givers gather. It fosters the trust between its members that is necessary for growth and prosperity. Understanding GRIT is crucial to success in your organization.


People have heard the time-worn phrase “no pain, no gain.” It is popularly thought that hard work will get you places in life. There is a difference between working hard, hardly working, and the newly researched term, GRIT.

Psychological science has collected substantial evidence that grit can be cultivated. It is more than just working hard. It merges hard work with passion and excellence.

Research study


In 2016, a group of researchers published in a peer-reviewed psychology journal showing that grit, or passion and perseverance for your goals, can be predicted and promoted. The researchers focused on two kinds of predictors of grit: (1) positive emotional state and (2) commitment to purpose.


The researchers hypothesized that there is a link between having a purpose commitment and grit, and that gritty individuals have a more positive personality profile. People who are optimistic and positive may show greater interest in their long term goals and contributing to an overall attitude of persevering grit.


502 participants were involved in this research across two studies. In study 1, participants were asked questions related to different aspects of purpose commitment, positive emotions, identity, personality, and health and well-being.  Even when controlling for the Big Five Personality traits, the study shows that there is a positive relationship between purpose and positive affect.

In study 2, participants were asked the same questions from study 1 but, were also later assessed 3-months later. The researchers measured grit with questions such as “Setbacks don’t discourage me”, “I am a hard worker”, and measured purpose with questions such as “My life has a clear sense of purpose”, and “I do many things that give my life meaning.” The assessments all demonstrated strong validity and reliability.


The results possess great implications. Grit was associated positively with higher levels of both positive outlook and purpose commitment. In other words, changes in either positive outlook or purpose commitment mean there may be changes in grit. But, when predicting grit, having a purpose may help more than a positive outlook.

People who value finding a purpose and direction for one’s life may foster commitment to a purpose, achieve long-term goals, and establish a gritty disposition.

This provides insight into how executives can help their employees develop their goal outlook, “indicating that it might prove more valuable to help them commit to life goals than merely bolstering their well-being.”

“Instead of being viewed as ‘merely’ a component of psychological well-being, our findings support the notion that purpose serves as a force that organizes and stimulates goals, manages behaviors, and provides a sense of meaning”

Ultimately, more important than talent and skill, education and resources, grit is the single greatest predictor of success. And the most contributing elements of grit is purpose. Understanding why we do something will help us stick to the task until we are successful.

Reference: Hill, P. L., Burrow, A. L., & Bronk, K. C. (2016). Persevering with positivity and purpose: An examination of purpose commitment, and positive affect as predictors of grit. Journal of Happiness Studies, 17, 257-269.


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