The Benefits of Building Relationships

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The Benefits of Building Relationships

The Benefits of Building Relationships
Robert Waldinger, the fourth and current Director of a now 75 year old Harvard Study of Adult Development has some keen insight into “What makes a good life?”, which is the title of a TED Talk he gave in early 2016. I have included the link for you to watch the TED talk, but I also wanted to share with you some of the gems I extracted from his comments:
What are the lessons learned?
It’s not about fame or fortune, but rather it’s about “good relationships keep us happier and healthier.” Period!
And of this discovery, there are 3 important aspects to be aware of regarding relationships:
1.)  Social Connections are Really Good for us, & Loneliness Kills
2.)  Quality of Close Relationships
3.)  Good Relationships Protect our Brain

There is no quick fix to improving a relationship, it takes effort and time. The “Good Life” is simply built with “Good Relationships”.

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The video we shared at the event is below:

What makes a good life?