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Why we help, Idaho Business Networking

Our Why

We believe networking is more than collecting business cards at various events in hopes of connecting later on. In order to truly reap the benefits of having a powerful business network, you must build it with intention. You must be consistent and focus on others first, the later being the most important.

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Our Criteria

Our members and guests must be executive decision makers and come recommended by their peers as having a give, serve, abundance mentality. When you get the right people together, amazing things happen quickly. We see this on a regular basis, which is why we’ve had great success. Most of that success from the great members we have that recommend us to their business network.

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What to Expect

GIVENT Executive Network is a group of business decision makers that build trusted relationships with one another; and find ways to serve each other to accelerate business by providing solutions and connections to one’s core business needs.

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What Our Members Say

Shawn Perkins

I know that as I left my job with Technology Venture Corporation to start my new job with a technology startup company, we’ve had all the problems and all the difficulties and trials that startups always have. And having the resources available to me with the wonderful people of the event has been a godsend. It’s helped me in so many ways. I’ve had contacts the have allowed me to build the business and we’ve had a lot of assistance in trying to find Equity partners and also customers. More than that it’s been a real sense of comradeship and advice and assistance in trying to help get up over all of the faces and all of the difficulties that come with trying to build a business. It’s a great support system. What’s more, every time I come and I’m involved here, it helps me realize I’m part of a bigger picture. We’re not here to simply just build our own businesses but we’re here to build others. As we do that they say a rising tide lifts all boats and it’s really true. And it’s been great to be part of that experience to share my contacts and my experiences to help others build their business.

Aaron Johnson

I thought originally but I wanted to meet and would need to meet people in our industry that could help us. But what I found was many of the connections I’ve gotten, or some of the best references we’ve received, aren’t related to the industry, but have become natural friendships, and business opportunities have extended from them.

I also think it’s a great opportunity to meet other Business Leaders with integrity, that have a good giving mentality. This group gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with these kind of people which would be very difficult in any other setting and it’s a very comfortable environment.

Daryl Olsen

I have gotten to know and become acquainted with, develop friendships with Business Leaders that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity. I could have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing, personal effort, it etc trying to gain access to some of these people that I have the opportunity to meet with one on one comma once a month. And I get to know not only the type of business but I get to know them as in a person. That’s the exciting part for me, to get to know the person.
We all know that we do business with people that we trust and like, and that’s the beauty of GIVENT. And the reason why I have found it to be so energizing for me. Birds of a feather flock together. It’s great to come and interact with people who are successful. It’s helped to shape a new paradigm for me. I walk away not only being enriched because of the friendship but enriched because of their perspective and enthusiasm and their excitement.

Greg Calder

Well as a lawyer I spend a lot of time at my desk. It’s really helpful for me to have the Forum where I can get out and meet people that I would probably not otherwise meet, so I was very interested in the opportunity to network with other professionals and business executive decision makers.

It’s so focused at helping me to meet people, in the region that I practice, Pocatello to Rexburg. It’s just exactly what I need to help me in my business and gives me the opportunity to help other people as well.

Our Events and Locations

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Boise Small Business Conference at Givent

Upcoming Events

Boise's Small Business networking events

Boise Location

Share and take advantage of business networking opportunities in the Boise area. Join our Boise Givent group to make connections and help Boise businesses thrive.

Eastern Idaho Opportunity Network at Givent

East Idaho Location

Join local business professionals at Givent to make new connections and share business leads. Opportunities to do business in Eastern Idaho are endless.

Meet the Team

We take enjoyment in being connectors and have a passion and purpose for building bridges. Back in 2010 after Jon had sold a business he co-owned, he was looking for his next thing. He’d been a part of a couple great executive level groups in other areas and wanted to join something in Eastern Idaho. Nothing existed like he wanted, so he decided this would be his next thing – to build an executive decision maker organization that would bring people together, accelerate solutions to the members and the community, and serve to unify Idaho by facilitating the trust building process among business leaders. He first formed the group in 2011 and has been building it ever since.

Shelly Yorgesen, Givent Executive Network

Shelly Yorgesen


Shelly’s biggest hobby is collecting new friends. Networking is just her style! Shelly is the Executive Director of the Eastern Idaho GIVENT Executive Network…

heather linchenko at Givent

Heather Linchenko

Accounting / Eastern Idaho Chapter Administrator

Heather, the eighth of ten children, was raised on a farm in Idaho. Her favorite compliments are that of having an “inordinate capacity for work,” a…

Dana Rae Bennett, Givent Executive Network

Dana Rae Bennett

Eastern Idaho Member Director

Dana Rae was born in Salt Lake City but moved to and grew up in Star Valley, WY. She has five children…

Natalia Linchenko

Eastern Idaho Chapter Administrator

Natalia is a collector. A collector of experiences, to be precise. She’s been blessed to start out life with some of the most incredible experiences…