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Why we help, Idaho Business Networking

Our Why

We believe networking is more than collecting business cards at various events in hopes of connecting later on. In order to truly reap the benefits of having a powerful business network, you must build it with intention. You must be consistent and focus on others first, the later being the most important.

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Our Criteria

Our members and guests must be business professionals as well as decision-makers and come recommended by their peers as having a give, serve, abundance mentality. When you get the right people together, amazing things happen quickly. We see this on a regular basis, which is why we’ve had great success. Most of that success from the great members we have that recommend us to their business network.

Treasure Valley Givent Professional Network

What to Expect

GIVENT Professional Network is a group of business decision-makers that build trusted relationships with one another, and find ways to serve each other to accelerate business by providing solutions and connections to one’s core business needs.

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What Our Members Say

Travis Brown

This organization allows me to build authentic, meaningful relationships with folks, rather than just being another leads group. The format, although simple, allows us to get to know each other on a personal level which makes the business conversation even more meaningful. We are able to get a little bit deeper and get past some of those facades that sometimes come with networking. It’s not just about passing out business cards, it’s about building relationships. I’ve built relationships with people that I can now call friends. I can pick up the phone after hours, 6 months down the road after having a conversation, and know that I can take to someone that cares about me as a person, and wants to help me. It’s a gamechanger for the community and I love this organization!

Carolyn Holly

This organization is so perfect for Idaho Business for Education because we build relationships. As you know, nothing is accomplished until the relationship is built. A relationship is not built until there is trust. I have found in this organization, TRUST is a foundation for it’s members.

Greg Calder

Well as a lawyer I spend a lot of time at my desk. It’s really helpful for me to have the Forum where I can get out and meet people that I would probably not otherwise meet, so I was very interested in the opportunity to network with other professionals and business executive decision makers.

It’s so focused at helping me to meet people, in the region that I practice, Pocatello to Rexburg. It’s just exactly what I need to help me in my business and gives me the opportunity to help other people as well.

Our Events and Locations

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Eastern Idaho

Upcoming Events

Treasure Valley Location

Share and take advantage of business networking opportunities in the Treasure Valley area. Join our Treasure Valley Givent group to make connections and help Boise businesses thrive.

Eastern Idaho Opportunity Network at Givent

East Idaho Location

Join local business professionals at Givent to make new connections and share business leads. Opportunities to do business in Eastern Idaho are endless.

Meet the Team

Our mission at GIVENT is to create a space for business owners andprofessionals to effectively collaborate and build a network of their peers built on trust.

Ryan Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Bartolotta


DeLyn Hendricks

Director of Business Development – Eastern Idaho

Riss Norman

Event Director